My Dances

The following are dances I have choreographed or co-choreographed.  Step sheets can be found on Copperknob.

  • All Messed Up
  • All The Way
  • An Angel With Blue Eyes
  • Blue Cha (with Vivienne Scott)
  • Can’t Run From Love (with Nicole Buckley)
  • Cool (with Vivienne Scott)
  • Dance With Us (with Vivienne Scott)
  • Do that Again (with Vivienne, Andrew & Sheila)
  • Dr. Flame (with Vivienne, Kate Sala, Robbie McGowan Hickie)
  • El Tejano (with Dan Morrison)
  • Floating Away
  • Friends of Ours (with Vivienne Scott)
  • From Latin With Love (with Vivienne, Karl Harry Winson, Ria Vos)
  • Giddy Yup
  • Good Time Cowboy Casanova (with Laura K.)
  • Good Times (with Vivienne Scott)
  • Hanging On
  • Home Sweet Home (with Vivienne, Larry Bass)
  • Jan’s Walkabout
  • La Voix (with Vivienne Scott)
  • Latin Crazy (with Vivienne, Craig Bennett, Dee Musk)
  • Leave It To You (with Vivienne)
  • Love Contract (with Vivienne, Double Trouble)
  • Love In One Shot (with Vivienne Scott)
  • My Country Angel
  • My Heart Belongs to you
  • My Heart Won’t Let Go (with Vivienne, Double Trouble)
  • Niki’s Cha Cha
  • Numero Una (with Vivienne, Roy Verdonk, Guillaume Richard)
  • On My Mind (with Vivienne Scott)
  • Open Hearts (with Vivienne, Kate Sala, Jose Miguel Balloque)
  • Our First Love (with Vivienne, Kim Ray, Robert Lindsay)
  • Our Somebody (with Vivienne Scott)
  • Quanto Amore (with Vivienne Scott)
  • Return to Sender
  • Shameless
  • Small Stuff (with Vivienne Scott)
  • Soft & Slow (with Vivienne Scott)
  • Solo Amor (with Vivienne, Rob Fowler, JP Madge)
  • T.A.C. (That Ain’t Country) (with Vivienne Scott)
  • Trust Us A Little (with Vivienne Scott)
  • Wanna Fly (with Vivienne Scott)
  • We Can Help U With That (with Vivienne Scott)
  • Who We Are (with Vivienne, Daniel Whittaker, Craig Bennett)

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