Canada Day

Having fun dancing on the stage on Canada Day in Dundas Square, Toronto

For over 20 years now Fred has been instructing and sharing his love of line dancing.  His enthusiasm and encouragement has helped many a nervous beginner flower into a confident line dancer.  As Fred puts it to ‘newbies’, “if you don’t know your left foot from your right, don’t worry about it, we’ve all been there!”   Fred is also an excellent DJ with a focus on ensuring that everyone, including the beginners, gets the opportunity to strut their stuff on the line dance floor.

In 2005 Fred was nominated for Regional Instructor of the Year at the Vegas Dance Explosion and won the award in 2006.  For this award, dancers had to write to the organizers and express why they felt their instructor should be nominated.  Fred had overwhelming support from his dancers who were eager to let the world know about their ‘favourite’ instructor!  Fred was overwhelmed by their support and the subsequent nomination and win.

In addition to instruction, Fred is also a choreographer and has written a number of dances that have been taught throughout Canada and the US including ‘Return To Sender’ and ‘Shameless’.  He has also co-written dances that have achieved international success including ‘My Heart Won’t Let Go’, ‘Soft & Slow’, ‘On My Mind’, ‘Our First Love’, ‘Dr Flame’, ‘Latin Crazy’,  ‘From Latin With Love’, ‘Open Hearts’. ‘Solo Amor’ and ‘Numero Una’.

For many year Fred was one the DJ for two annual LD events.   ‘Let The Good Times Roll …..’ Workshop/ Dinner/ Dance which just had its 15th and final anniversary and  ‘The Spring Workshop’ which is in its 11th year.  Fred has retired from his DJ involvement in these events but looks forward to being able to relax and join all the dancers on the dance floor from now on!

Fred’s philosophy is that line dancing should be FUN !!


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